Our parcel delivery is unique because we use a network of buses, terminals, parcel points and, if necessary, couriers and vans to deliver shipments.

Freight transport in regular buses, ie sending a parcel with a bus driver, works on the principle of transport sharing. In Estonia, this allows shipments to be delivered within a few hours, offering the best possible freight frequency and price. The use of regular buses also helps us to leave a smaller ecological footprint.

The parcel is sent from Tallinn to Tartu at least 12 times a day, from Tallinn to Pärnu at least 9 times a day and from Tallinn to Narva at least 6 times a day. We cooperate with about 10 bus companies and use up to 600 bus lines for freight transport every day. We have 13 terminals all over Estonia, in addition to terminals in Latvia and Lithuania.

To make sending a parcel and tracking a shipment even easier, we offer a web-based shipping and tracking system – SEND A PARCEL!

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Send a parcel

 Express service from terminal to terminal.

 Courier from door to door.

 From the sender's address by courier to the Cargobus terminal.

 From the Cargobus terminal by courier to the recipient's address.

Bring a parcel to the terminal or order a courier from door to door!

Advantages of our parcel delivery

 The best freight frequency in Estonia – 15 terminals in the Baltics, cooperation with about 20 bus companies, we use up to 600 bus lines, couriers and vans daily.

 Fast – a shipment sent on time will arrive within the country on the same day.

 Reliable – parcel transport experience since 1992.

 Accurate – the arrival time can be accurately predicted.

 Convenient – bring a parcel to the terminal or order a door to door courier.

 Safe – the possibility of insurance, cash on delivery and special handling.

 Simple – web-based shipping and tracking system.

 Responsive – a solution for every delivery request.

 Unique – we base our pricing on weight, not dimensions.

 Transparent – no hidden extra costs.

 Handcrafted – we only use human power, not sorting lines.

 International – parcel delivery to Europe and Russia in 1–7 working days.

 Environmentally friendly – parcel delivery on buses leaves a smaller ecological footprint.