Our vision is to support local business needs by providing a reliable same day delivery service in Baltics.

Cargobus Express is unique – most frequently used method of delivering parcels to the desired destination by using a bus network having commercials and parcel points.

Our delivery is based on transportation sharing principle which helps us to offer deliveries across Estonia within few hours and grants you the best price. The frequency of delivery options is what makes it special - you can send parcels from Tallinn to Tartu more than 12, to Pärnu more than 9, and to Narva more than 6 times a day. Cargobus has partnership with more than 30 bus companies who use nearly 600 different bus lines daily to transport the clients’ parcels.

You cannot buy time, but Cargobus can save it for you. Pack Parcel delivery inside Estonia on the same day!

How to send Express?

The parcel can be delivered to another Cargobus terminal or to the Recipient´s address.

Choose any nearest terminal and bring your parcel there. You can fix delivery address for sending with courier or just send it to another terminal.

Don´t have time to go to the terminal? We will work for you! We will pick up the parcel and deliver it to any terminal or to the desired address.