Summer on wheels!

Send your bicycle or scooter fast and cheap from terminal to terminal!


Adult bicycle – €9.90
Children's bicycle and scooter – €5.90



Campaign terms

 The campaign price is valid only at the terminals on-site.
✓ The campaign price is valid for shipments from terminal to terminal.
✓ The campaign price is valid for shipments within Estonia.
 The price includes a special handling fee.
 The price includes VAT.
 The price does not include packaging costs.
 The campaign is valid until 24.06.2022 (inclusive).


Find suitable TERMINALS and get your bicycle on the road today.




✉️  Write to or contact web support (in the lower right corner of our website).
☎️  Call 17799 or +372 681 3444.



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 Mon–Fri 08.00–19.00
 Sat–Sun 09.00–17.00



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