Как отправить?

Как отправить?

To send parcels, you need to follow a list of simple steps.


Filing the form

If you want to send one or several parcels, then you have to fill the basic fields on the main page.

After filling the initial data, you will receive a calculation of the price for the delivery of your parcel.

Or if you have a lot of parcels, you can go to a detailed calculator, there you have the opportunity to specify the data of each parcel.


Choice of additional options

In this step, you need to fill order pick up data, add additional information and choose additional options.

Here you can create a large order if you have several parcels.


Filling contact data

In this step, you have to add senders and recipients data.


Choosing payment method

Choose the appropriate payment method. We offer such payment methods: Debit card, Bank-link, Paypal.

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