14 April - 2019

Introducing our new brand identity 

As courier services and trusted partner, we have proudly served our clients for more than 27 years. As product evolves, the brand around it evolves too. Now it’s time to take Cargobus to the next level.

Today we are pleased to announce another exciting step in our company’s evolution — the transformation of logo and brand. New identity was created to retain all the existing qualities that make our company great, while giving us a polished, consistent and thoroughly modern look and feel.


New logo

A revitalized company deserves a dynamic and modern logo. We realized that we want our logo to carry more than sentimental value. Our upgraded original logo is now minimalistic and strong, reliable and convenient to interact.

We call it bright transition from the past to the future

Our new logo has strength and energy, while utilizing a cool, blue-toned colour palette that conveys trust. We considered dozens of options in our search for the right logo for our company. The selected one was overwhelmingly voted as a favorite by all members of the organization.


New Website

Our new fully branded website launched today is a top to bottom rethink of our online identity. It also includes a new and easy to use online booking and tracking system. We try to take the hassle out of getting your parcel to its destination. That´s why we offer the simplest service - there are no complicated formulas or messy consignment notes to complete. We make everything easy for you without wasting your valuable time. 


New Social Channels

Finally, we’re stepping into the modern digital age. Please be sure to check out and follow Cargobus on Facebook and Instagram.

We’re incredibly excited about our new look and feel. But even more exciting is the opportunity that lies ahead of us - to continue building our 27 years old reputation with an expanded portfolio of services, a new dose of energy, and a stronger commitment to our customers and business partners.


Best wishes,

Edith Edovald

Cargobus marketing and brand manager