Time to move on

14 April - 2019

Itella will open SmartPOST for Cargobus!


Itella is the first courier company to manage parcel machines who opens them to other courier companies. Cargobus shall be first such partner.

"The ways of sending and receiving parcels are becoming more flexible and closer to the customer," explained Cargobus CEO Airika Aruksaar. For example, Cleveron has entered the market with custom-built parcel machines that can be used to order newspapers, food or even electronics. "In our view, this direction eliminates the formation of large parcel maschine areas around shopping centers," said Aruksaar.

„Cargobus thinks that connecting to the network of parcel machines of different companies is the first step to closer to a situation where every landlord has a their personal one”, added Arukssaar.

According to Aruksaar, the choice of the carrier is depending of the location of the parcel machine. If you want to get the ordered goods from a specific parcel machine, you must also sign the contract with the certain machine owner. “Shared use of the parcel machine network gives the customer the opportunity to always use his partner courier company and get service at already agreed prices. In addition, it would rationalize the profitability of all companies and reduce the footprint of the environment at the expense of both, transport pollution and production cost of parcel machines, ” she said.