Please wear a mask!

13 September - 2021

We sincerely ask everybody who visits our terminals to comply with the requirement set by the Health Board of Estonia and the Government Office of Estonia to wear a mask. If the customer has a medical contraindication to the mask, the Health Board of Estonia also allows the face to be covered with a visor or scarf.

Unfortunately, we are unable to serve customers who refuse to use a mask, visor, or cover their face with a scarf. If necessary, masks can be purchased from our terminals. The price of one mask is € 1.

The courier service is a convenient contactless solution for delivery. Sending a parcel by courier saves time and effort. The parcel reaches its destination within one city on the same day and across Estonia within 3 working days at the latest. For particularly fast shipments, you can order an express courier instead of a fixed-time courier. The courier can be ordered from door to door, from the sender's address to the Cargobus terminal or from the Cargobus terminal to the recipient's address. You can order a courier HERE, by e-mail or by calling 17799 / +372 681 3444.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!