Misunderstandings with Riga freight transport

16 June - 2021

Cargobus OÜ hereby confirms that several shipments originating from Latvia and where the carriage on goods by Cargobus OÜ has been requested by UG Trans SIA are indeed being held at the Cargobus Tallinn depo. This is solely and strictly due to the fact that UG Trans SIA has systematically disregarded its contractual obligations towards Cargobus OÜ. The later behaviour left Cargobus OÜ no other option but to exercise the right of safety granted by the Law Of Obligations Act towards goods where forwarding services have been requested by UG Trans SIA. Any third-party contractual obligations concerning the transportation of these shipments lie between UG Trans SIA and in most cases the consignor. Cargobus OÜ sole contractual relationship in relation to shipments stored at Cargobus OÜ warehouse is direct with UG Trans SIA and no other parties. Based on the above, all and any reclamations and possible claims are to be made to UG Trans SIA directly.

We deeply and sincerely regret the situation and make constant efforts to find a solution. Cargobus OÜ is looking forward to seeing steps taken by UG Trans SIA. To date, we have signed an agreement with UG Trans SIA, which should be resolved by the 18th of July at the latest. We hope that this agreement would create conditions allowing the company to release any parcels held at the warehouse to rightful owners.

Once again, we wholeheartedly apologize for the unpleasant situation our customers have found themselves in. We do our best to ensure that everyone receives their shipments as soon as possible.

We will immediately inform you if such conditions arise!