Fraudsters are asking for money with fake parcel notifications under the name of Cargobus

05 May - 2022

Cargobus received alarming reports that fraudsters are maliciously using the Cargobus name to gain credibility in the Facebook Marketplace.

The fraudulent buyer offers the seller to send the amount of purchase in a cash envelope with the Cargobus courier, after which the seller hands the purchased item over to the Cargobus courier. The buyer then starts to indicate that in order to send the cash in an envelope, the seller must first pay Cargobus's so-called insurance for the relevant service.

A fake insurance claim of €50, or another amount, will be sent to the seller's email. This email is unprofessional and contains questionable language and strange foreign links to make a payment. The email address of the Cargobus indicated in these letters is

Fraudulent claim

Fake payment request sent by fraudsters


Please remember that the correct Cargobus domain is always and Cargobus email addresses always end

Please be careful of such demands! If in doubt, be sure to contact Cargobus customer support to confirm the claim.


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