Forgot your belongings on the Lux Express bus?

22 October - 2020
Items found on Lux Express buses

As of November 1, 2019, Cargobus will manage the items found on Lux Express buses.

Items found on Lux Express buses and bus stations in major Estonian cities are brought to Cargobus terminals all over Estonia.

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Terms of service


1.1 The handling fee for the found object is 5 €.

1.2 From the moment of notifying the customer, the item is stored for 7 days free of charge. From the 8th day, a deposit fee of 1 € per day will be added according to the Cargobus price list.

1.3 A transport service fee must be paid for sending the found item to another city on the basis of the Cargobus price list.

1.4 A storage fee must be paid for items forgotten in the storage cabinets, in addition to the fees set out in clauses 1.1 and 1.2.



2.1 The found items will be stored in Cargobus terminals for 7 days and after that, the items will be sent to the Cargobus Tallinn terminal.

2.2 According to the Cargobus TERMS OF SERVICES (see clause 14), we store things for 30 days and after that, we hand them over to the Estonian Police.


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For more information, contact or call the information line at 17799 or +372 681 3444.