Renovation of Tallinn Bus Station

On 25th of June, the renovation works of Tallinn Bus Station began, estimated cost of which will be 1 million euros. The works will be finished, according to the original schedule, in November. 

Tallinna bussijaama uus välisilme

«We want to re-do the bus station building and the surrounding areas completely, so the passengers would feel as in Europe», Osula said to Postimees. «The 1 million for renovation comes from loans and other sources. The perspective of the work is 10 -15 years. The bus companies are currently purchasing new vehicles and thus it is important to renew the bus station building as well».

Andres Osula, board member of Tallinna Bussijaam OÜ, says that the passengers should bear in mind that the station rooms will be closed for the reovation time. Ticket sale, luggage hold and information can be found on the temporary premises located where the R-Kiosk is at the moment. The waiting platforms can no longer be accessed through the building, but around from the side where the buses stop. Large signs will be put up. The renovation is taking place in the summer so the passangers could wait for the buses outside without getting cold.

There will be no significant additions to the station bulding, but some height will be added to the central part. According to Osula, it will add some space for the office rooms and complement the general look of the building. The addition will also have a functional purpose - it can house ventilation and other systems. Osula said, when introducing the project, that the new building will face towards Odra Street. At the moment, the facade there is rather dull and in quite a sad situation. In the future, windows will be added to the wall, so the waiting hall will become spacious and bright. The ticket booths, at the moment located by the mentioned wall, will be moved closer to the main entrance.

«We want an area with only bus station functions (ticket booths, self-service ticket machines and information) between the main entrance and the waiting platform», Osula explained. «This means that if a person is in a hurry, all they have to do is go through that area. That is, buy a ticket and hop on a bus».

Tallinna bussijaama sisevaade

The waiting hall and a café will be located at the back of the station. Cargobus will also remain, but their office area will be somewhat reduced, in order to make the waiting hall larger. Osula mentioned that the area of waiting platforms will remain in the same size, but will become more pleasant and passenger-friendly. There will be more lighting, and poles and other constructions will get a fresh coat of bright paint. The taxi stand will be relocated next to the area for arriving buses, making it convenient for the passenger to step from the bus right into the taxi. «We do not have the means to entirely re-do the whole waiting-platforms area, at the moment», Osula explained, «but hopefully in the future, with the help from European funds».

Movement plan in the bus station during renovations (pdf)