Courier service on evenings and weekends

Owing to an increasing demand, Cargobus expands the service times of Cargobus couriers as follows: on work days 5 PM- 8 PM, on Saturdays 8 AM-4 PM and on Sundays 10 AM-4 PM. Service areas are Tallinn and Tartu city and nearby areas. Cost of evening and weekend service is the same as during daytime. Service prices within city limits are 4,20 (up to 30kg); 6,00 (up to 50kg) and 12,00 (up to 100kg) and near cities 6,00 (up to 30kg); 9,00 (up to 50kg) and 15,00 (up to 100kg). All prices include VAT and there is no additional fee for fuel.

Courier service can be used for delivering parcels from Cargobus terminal to destination address, for delivering parcels from destination address to Cargobus terminal, or for courier delivery from one address to another within city limits. We forward parcels from Cargobus terminals to other cities with Express parcel service according to the opening hours of terminals. Express delivery cost will be added to the Courier service price. Available payment methods for evening and weekend courier service are cash payments, client contract or bank transfer.