Cash on Delivery

COD (Cash on Delivery) extra service enables the receiver to make payments for goods, when the goods are delivered. COD service is targeted for both, business and private customers. COD parcels can be sent from address, parcel point and from terminals. COD parcels can be issued from terminals or by couriers. We offer COD service in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Parcel sender can buy COD extra service and inform us with following credentials:

 COD sum
 Money receiver full name (person or company)

Sender and receiver agree on the payment terms regarding Cargobus services and COD sum. Parcel receiver can pay for the COD parcel in cash or with bank card. Cargobus transfers the collected COD money to senders once a week – on Fridays.

Price of COD service

COD parcel until 100 EUR 1,00             
COD parcel until 300 EUR 3,00
COD parcel until 500 EUR 5,00
COD parcel until 1000 EUR 10,00
COD parcel until 1500 EUR 15,00

All prices include VAT.
Larger COD sums are possible with special agreements.

Lower the risks and you can be sure, that you will have the money on time!