Cargobus solves transportation tasks

Company mission is - Cargobus solves transportation tasks.

Cargobus Ltd has been active since March 1, 1992. Company's main field is parcel delivery and courier service in Estonia and the Baltics. In addition, Cargobus offers expediting to Europe and also sells bus tickets.

Cargobus has 17 terminals in Estonia and a terminal and warehouse in Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania. Our partners in parcel delivery are bus companies serving the regular lines and other transportation companies. We have cooperation agreements with more than 30 bus companies and almost 20 transportation companies, thus creating a delivery network covering the Baltics. We use ~250 bus lines in Estonia and ~30 in the Baltics for delivering parcels. The parcels can be collected from the terminals, parcel points or from the couriers. 

The main promise of Cargobus - across Estonia and the Baltics within a few hours!
Cargobus can credit itself for being the most environmentally friendly parcel service provider in Estonia, because most of the deliveries are made with public transportation and with the use of CNG gas cars. In its work and customer service, the company relies on 3 main values:

   RELIABILITY – we always keep our promises precisely and safely
   FLEXIBILITY – we always find the solution that suits you the best
   CARE – we care for our clients, partners, employees and of course parcels